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Sorry for the absence - December 23, 1999 - 9:16 PST -

Sorry for the Idleness thats been going on lately but I'v been sort of tied up and was unable to furthure work on this page but I'm back on the net now so I can devote more of my time to working on this site. Or at least untill a paying web page job comes along anyway :-) For anyone who cares I will be creating a MTG page for me and Dragons person use as well as our new card company. We will be selling singles on the net for low scrye or even lower depending on the card. Since most DragonLance readers are involved in many other TSR creations we thought we might tell you guys/gals. We will also hold auctions and trade secions on our site so be looking forward to that. Thats sll for now, keep reading and maybe I will finally get around to creating Bio's for the God's of Krynn, who knows?


Looking good! - October 31, 1999 - 12:52 PST -

Lots of stuff added, for starters I added a new right handed frame with a scrolling text script and a quick poll, its better than that anoying quizlet pop-up window. Also added a MP3 background music juke box, I wouldn't advise useing it if you have a slow connection, the average mp3 file size is 2meg's. Added new book store off of our site so you can order books online and we get credit for it :-) Thanks to's service. Also would also like to thank Christian Marcussen for allowing us to use his MP3 files for none profitable use. He is a Danish Composer and believe it or not, he composed those great MP3 files! I am glad to say that all the major construction is now over, all thats left now is a few minor adjustments. In the future I will be getting shockwave and I will design some interactive games that you can play right off our page, but thats far off. I would like to create a news letter that is sent out everyweek, but I need someone who would be dedicated to it, if you or anyone you know would like to take over this task email me at:


Construction, almost done - October 26, 1999 - 20:36 PST -

Well, did I not tell you after the remodling was done it was gonna look hella nice?? I added a new link menu bar and placed nice looking frames around the whole site. Im still not done quite yet, but I'm getting there. That was the majior news, in minor news I added a new game to our gameing section, it's a nice little quiz that tests your DL knowledge(LOL, I failed it). Go here to see it:DragonLance QuizAlso in minor news, I'm adding some short stories to our section, I did'nt write them but there pretty good, check em out here:Stories. Im glad to announce that the page will no longer be down, sorry for the temporary construction that was going on 10-18 through 10-21. Now I'v just got a few minor things to add, also I'm haveing trouble with embedding mp3 files, so If anyone knows alot about embedding multimedia, please email me at


More and yet More - October 23, 1999 - 23:06 PST -

I'v added both a Dragons section:Dragons, as well as a Gods section:Gods. The Dragons have small bios wich I hope to improve in the future. The Gods dont have Bios yet but there all listed there. Iv also recently added about 15 new midi files to our jukebox. I'm trying to get a MP3 jukebox working for those of us with cable modems (ME!!!). Although this will take some time because I will have to creat a java script that can hold a java script within a java script :-( The random player isnt working for MP3's, also lame TRIPOD dosnt support .wav files!! Arg, I wanted to use wav files even though they arnt of as good of quality, they are about 1/10th the size. So hopefully in the near furute we will setup our at home server on our cable modem connections. This will mean faster downloads for you guys! Also I will be tinkering with CGI/PEARL scripts once we get our at home server. Oh, and I will be remodeling the whole entire web site very soon, this will mean the page will be down for a day or two, but it's gonna look nice once its done. P.S: I would like to dispell the rumor that I am 38 years old, peace out!


Progress - October 16, 1999 - 17:08 PST -

I'm happy to announce that I finally finished the character Bios!!! Thank god, those took me about 4 1/2 hours to do, my god. Actually the character Bio's are pretty lame, I wrote them myself (hence the lameness) I'm still waiting for DragonPkk to email me his in depth Bios with more info. Well now that thats out fo the way my next prodject will be to work on the map of Ansalon. It will give info about all the different city's/town on krynn taken from the books. I'v also added a new quote of the day and time/date teller on our main linking page! Also still waiting for DragonPkk to send my his list of quotes from the Dragonlance books, write now there just random quotes from philosophers. Although it's pretty coll because it changes every day. Like I said, we update often and there so much more to come.


Chat Seccions - October 11, 1999 - 16:03 PST -

Anouncing the new DragonPkk's domain chat seccions, held on sundays 18:00 PST, 6:00pm PST for those of you non military timers. We, meaning Ravin and I, will be here every week to meet and talk with you, the reader/fan of DragonLance. We will discuse DragonLance related topics and will be geting input from you, our geusts on how to make our web page better. Thanks for your time and support!


Added some More stuff - October 10, 1999 - 19:41 PST -

I'v jusr added some new midi files and found a cool java script for changeing the color of your links on mouse over affects. Also tinkering with some other java scripting stuff to help make this page more fun and enjoyable. One of the best java scripts on this page is our kender tuant, check it out on our games page:Games. Well, thats about all for now, also look for our character bio's comming in the very near future! P.S. Solid Napalm SUCKS! and RRROOOO-BBOOOOTT-HHHOOUUUSSEEE!!!!!!!!


New Pages up - October 10, 1999 - 13:41 PST -

This web page is very new and im working my butt off to get it up and running with character bios/pics/links/files. Im off to a good start with my quizlet and message board, the web page will probebly be moveing very soon. We are leaveing Tripod and are going to be useing our own domain running off of our server wich will not only give us unlimited space, but also faster downloads for you! Not to mention the use of CGI scripts so be looking forward to that. By the way, although this page is owned by DragonPKK, I (Ravin) am the wweb master, I'v created all you see here, Dragon is sort of my boss and I work for him. I have done many web pages before and I am glad to be able to work on DragonPkk's Domain.


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