Berem Everman

One day, Berem, a poor peasant, was hunting in the forest with his sister. They came upon the Foundation Stone of Istar's Temple. The monument was incrusted with shiny jewels, so Berem decided to bring back one. His sister tried to prevent him from doing this, but he pushed her back and she fell on a rock, and died. Takhisis appeared before him to take back her gem, but his sister's spirit came to protect him. Berem took the gem and fled deep into the forest. The gem bound to his chest and made him immortal.

For nearly fifty years he was help prisoner by the Daergar (evil dwarves) but was freed by the heroes of the Lance. He was killed many times, but each time he would came back to life, although he'd feel the awful pain of the wounds he is inflicted. After the companions freed him, he escaped somewhere on Krynn, and wandered for several years before the companions found him on Maquesta Kar-Thon's ship.

Then he came with them to Neraka and helped them to beat off the evil goddess Takhisis.

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