Caramon Majere

Caramon has always been a muscular, tough guy. His twin, Raistlin, was frail and thin. He was a big muscled brute, while his brother was sarcastic and wise. He excels in the art of fighting, and form the perfect duo with his brother, allying magic and strength.

Caramon has always cared very much for his brother, and was even overprotective on him.When Raistlin said he didn't needed him anymore, that broke his heart. He once sent his brother a letter, and hit came back, unopened and "I have no brother... I don't know anybody with the name of Caramon" written on it. Then he started to drink to forget his brother, and he became a big fat drunk man. Raistlin took him to the past, where he got trained in a gladiator arena, and got back his strength and ability.

Then he had three sons with Tika; Sturm, Tanin and Palin Majere. the first two became Solamnic knights, while the third one became a sorcerer and saved Krynn.

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