Flint Fireforge

Flint is an old dwarven blacksmith. Well he isn't a blacksmith anymore, but he was sometimes ago. One day he went to Qualinesti and became a personal friend of the Speaker of the sun. Then he met Tanis, the little bastard boy who then became his best friend. He cam back to Solace with him, and then they met they other companions.

He's "allergic" to horses and fears boats more than even mighty red dragons. This is because of Caramon: one day he decided to catch a fish with his hands while he was on a boat with Flint. Then Flint fell in the water, and ever since he doesn't even want to see a boat.

He may seem to hate Tas sometimes, but we all know he couldn't live without him. But Flint died of heart disease on his way to the War of the Lance. Now he is waiting for Tas under a large three, listening to Reorx's stories.

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