Goldmoon is a plainsmen princess, from the tribe of the Que-Shu's. She loves Riverwind, a poor farmer from her clan. She was the first true cleric after the great Cataclysm. She was an adept of Mishakal, goddess of  healing. Goldmoon's father couldn't stand that his daughter loved such a poor man, so he send Riverwind to an impossible mission: find a proof of the true gods existence.

A couple of years later, he came back with the staff of Mishakal, but Goldmoon's father sentenced him to death anyway. Then Goldmoon and him got transported to Solace by the Staff, where they met Sturm. He swore to protect them, and he embarked them and his friends in a crazy adventure. A little later, she found that her tribe had been attacked by an unknown and powerful army, and she swore to avenge them. Then it ended up to the War of the Lance.

Then she had some child with Riverwind and took back her place at the head of her tribe...well, what was left of it...

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