Laurana Kanan

Laurana, known as the Golden general, is a Qualinesti princess. She is the youngest child of the Speaker of the Sun. She has two brothers: Porthios, the older one, and Ghitanas another hero of the War of the Lance. She, in her early years, fell in love with Tanis, but he was too old for her, as his human half made him grow faster and stronger than Elves.

When the War of the Lance was declared, she joined the companions in their adventures, and followed them to Palanthas, where she became the Golden General, the one who would lead the forces of good to the victory. She then was captured by the adepts of Takhisis, and Tanis came to her rescue.

After the war, she got married with Tanis, and had a son, Ghiltas, who succeeded his uncle Porthios to the throne of Qualinesti.

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