Lorac Caladon

p>Lorac is the Speaker of the Stars in Silvanesti. He was once known as one of the most beautiful elf of the whole Silvanesti, leading his people wisely, but now the Dragon Orb has made him a weak, shattered man. He used the Dragon Orb, that he had discovered some time ago, to repulse the dragonarmies.

Unfortunately, the evil spirit within the Orb was more powerful than him, and took control over his dreams, which soon became reality. The Silvanesti forest has now become a tortured lands. The trees are all distorted, and we can hear them cry.

He died soon after her daughter, Alhana, came to save him with the companions. As she buried him, the trees started to gain back their normal aspect. She and her remnant people came back to Silvanesti to try to bring the whole forest back to normal.

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