Palin Majere

Palin is the son of Caramon and Tika. He has two older brother, Tanin and Sturm, and two younger sisters, Laura and Dezra. He, like his uncle Raistlin, is a mage. But his father forced him to become a White Robe, as he didn't want him to become like Raistlin. Palin was once captured by the Knights of Takhisis whom asked for an impossible ransom in exchange of the young mage: they wanted the council of the Mages of Wayreth to open a portal to the Abyss.

Steel Brightblade escorted him to the High Tower of Sorcery of Palanthas, home of the Great Dalamar, where Palin crossed the portal to the Abyss, and brought back his uncle. He then played a key role in the Chaos war, where he helped to defeat the Chaos. He cast a great spell of good, known as Blind Chaos, which even the Great Magius himself hasn't been able to cast. When he came back to Krynn, all magic had left the world of Krynn with the gods and only one single moon was shining in the sky; this was the beginning of the Fifth Age, known as the Age of Mortals.

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