Raistlin Majere

Raistlin, Caramon's twin, has always been a week man. His only love has always been magic. When he passed the Test at the High Tower of Sorcery of Wayreth, it left him even weaker than before. It made his skin golden-coloured, and his eyes are little golden hourglasses. His hair was left all white, and he was often shook by violent spasms. But he had passed the Test, and that's what really mattered. And to compensate for his weakness the Mages of the Tower gave him a powerful artefact: the staff of Magius, a very powerful mage who helped Huma himself to defeat the forces of evil.

He helped the companions during the War of the Lance, and became a black robe. His powers grew terribly, and he soon aspired to the rank of God. Some say that Fistandantilus himself helped Raistlin pass the Test. But in exchange he stole some of his life. Raistlin travelled back in time and defeated Fistandantilus. He then went down to the abyss with the white cleric Crysania to defeat the evil goddess Takhisis. He could have done it, if his brother, Caramon, wouldn't have told him what would then happen. Caramon had travelled through time and went to the future. Then he saw a world devastated by chaos. Raistlin was the only living being left. Since he was a Evil god, he couldn't create, but only destroy. So Raistlin decided to sacrifice himself so the world would remain.

Years later, Palin, Caramon's son, came to the Abyss and brought Raistlin back to Krynn. Raistlin taught him some, but not magic; only he made him wiser. Once Palin's mission was done, he came back to the Abyss with Paladine.

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