Riverwind is a barbarian from the Que-Shu clan. He is married with Goldmoon, the princess of his clan. He was only a peasant in his tribe, and Goldmoon's father didn't want her to marry a poor peasant. So he sent Riverwind on a quest to prove the existence of the true gods to prove his valour.

It was an impossible mission, but Riverwind came back with a powerful relic created by Mishakal, the goddess of healing. It was a wooden staff, which looked pretty normal. But once activated, it would change to a shining blue crystal staff, with healing properties. Riverwind didn't know how to use the staff, so he couldn't show his tribe it's true value. So he and Goldmoon were meant to death. As they were going to be executed, they got teleported on the way to Solace by the staff.

Riverwind may seem as hard has rock, but still is tender-hearted. He is loyal to his friends, but may be a little over-protective on them too. He would never let anyone touch Goldmoon. Now they had a lot of children and live peacefully leading the Que-Shu.

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