Sturm Brightblade was a Solamnic knight. He lied to his friends all his live. He was wearing his father's armour without the right to do it; he wasn't even a knight! The only person whom he didn't lie to was himself, since he new in his heart that he was a knight. And he was more than most of the real knight.

He obeyed the solamnic code, "My honour is my life", and it was the only important thing for him.The respect of the solamnic code... He died during the war of the Lance, a few days after he really became Knight. He got killed by Kitiara, the woman with whom he had a son: Steel Brightblade Uth Matar, whose life was a continual fight between light and darkness, as his two parents were opposites. He fell in love with a Silvanesti elf, Alhana Starbreeze, who gave him a precious medallion, which he, as a spectre, gave to his son along with his ancestor's sword, when he came to honour his tomb.

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