Tassleoff Burrfoot

Tassleoff is a Kender. And, as you may know, kenders are not much appreciated by most other races, and definitely hated by rich persons or mages. Kenders often find objects that mysteriously fell in there pockets...

He met flint and Tanis as he "stole" a valuable magical bracelet crafted by Flint. Tas is a good mapmaker, although his maps aren't always up to date. Tas possesses a magic knife, which Caramon called Rabbit Slayer, as the most dangerous creature it could slay was a enraged rabbit. But this knife saved the companions lives many times.

Tas also played a key role in the War of the Lance, as he made peace between the Solamnics and the Qualinsti Elves by braking the dragon orb. He helped much in the Chaos war too, as he made the Chaos bleed. He then got smashed under the Chaos's foot. What a terrible end, some might say.

Now he became one of Krynn's most known heroes, and many Kender claim that their uncle Tas gave them a magic undid turning silver spoon, which was truly one of Dalamar's normal silver spoon.

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