Dalamar is a dark elf, exiled from his country because of his leanings to dark magic. He served Raistlin as a disciple, and used to call him Shalafi, meaning Master. He was sent by the conclave to investigate about Raistlin, but Raistlin knew that from the beginning. He inflicted him with a wound which caused him perpetual pain. Still now you can see the trace, and Dalamar still suffers from the wound.

After Raistlin's death, Dalamar becomes the greatest black robe of Krynn, and the Master of the Black Robes order. He is disliked by most other mages, but, as he is very strong, they respect him as a mage. He lives in the High Sorcery Tower of Palanthas, right after the Shoikan Grove, a dark forest where lives many things you wish never to see. The Shoikan grove makes anyone who see it to fall in fear and run away from it. Only the most courageous can make it trough. The only living person known to have passed trough it alive is Kitiara, Raistlin's sister. Later Caramon will make it too.

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