Is this the Dark Citadel site refering to the pc game?
No, for the last time, The Dark Citadel has nothing to do the the PC game, we are just a site put up for all of those Dragonlance fans out there. Although in the near future we may be desighning and creating our own AD+D game.

Do you know or have any connectio to the DragonLance authors?
No, unfortunatly the Dark Citadel has no affiliation with the authors of DragonLance novels.

Who are you guys?
We are two gumps who live in San Diego and have nothing better to do than create web pages :-) The web master is Nathan Weekley (alias: Ravin), and the other guy who basically tells me what to do is Willy Kenny (alias: DragonPkk). Thats all we can tell you, we dont want to frighten you.

Is the web master available for any other prodjects?
As a matter of fact he is. If you would like a web page built for a reasonable price (15$/hour) then give me and email at: nweekley@home.com

Will there be a DragonLance movie released in the near future?
As far as we can tell, no there are no DragonLance movies currently in production. But If we all band together and give a call to Hollywood, it could be possible.

Are you guys involved in anything besides DragonLance?
Yes, can anyone say StarCraft, Brood Wars, Half-Life, TFC, Diablo 2, just to name a few. Check outBlizzard.com.

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