Welcome To The Dark Citadel

Welcome to the Dark Citadel.This is a Place Dedicated to all the Great Writers of our Time that Influnce me and you and all of us alike. This is a place where we can come toghter to share our thoughts and get some info on things.

Hello I need Help 8pm September 10th 05
Ok whats going on here

Hey whats going on here LOL Well I went and added a messeage board that no one uses except for me i a test one time. Dang It..... Ohh well some one will relize that I anit Offering Porn or Free Music. That all it is, is a Book Club. Maybe I can Teach People to read on here. ALL YOU ILLERIATE BASTARDS!!! Ohh well sorry i didnt post sonner i was in Havasu. Well please please please leave me a messeage on the Board or E-mail me thanks!!!


Hello I need Help 7pm August 31 05

Hey Whats going on again? well I got ride of those dam Pop Ups and Added alot more stuff to the site and Hope to keep Expanding along the way. So if anyone has Ideas I would love to know them and Hopefully you can help me out with whats going on here! Well If anyone has any good ideas e-mail me sanddragon524@yahoo.com also my IM too, ok and here is the Part where I ask for Donations!!! Please!!!! The Button over there PLease Click it and leave me somthing to keep providing maybe I can make a penny or two.. Well E-mail cause I need some Ideas to Help me out. Ok?